What is your blog called?

I have two websites. History Fangirl and Sofia Adventures.

What do you blog about?

I blog about history travel. I visit UNESCO World Heritage Sites, old Communist monuments, hidden chapels, and other important historic sites. My blog is about sharing these important places.

What inspired you to start your blog?

I wanted to be a travel blogger, and as I traveled my blog evolved into covering historic places (as opposed to other types of travel related content).

How did you find the process of working with us?

The process is great! I send my ideas over, and Stacy sends me back practical, executed versions of them. Then we tweak from there. It’s really easy.

Because my blog evolved over time, our first project was customizing the generic template I had to be more personal to my travels. Then when I found my niche (which can be a hard thing to do but is so important) we rehauled everything to be inline with history travel.

Knowing I have a team I can grow with is really helpful, because I know my site will keep evolving over time.

For Sofia Adventures, we actually started from scratch. The site is tailored to be more about resources than a blog, but it’s beautiful and creative, too. When I finally get around to launching it this fall, I’ll be so happy to show it off. The designs are just beautiful!

How did you feel about the final outcome of your designs?

They’re perfect! The sites are simple and beautiful, but still personal and unique. I love them!

What benefits have you experienced as a result of working with us?

I’ve started getting more opportunities coming in through the blog, which I think is a result of it looking more professional and highlighting my accomplishments better. Adding a static front page was a critical step, and it turned out great!

What is your favourite part of your new brand / website?

On History Fangirl, I love the static front page. It’s something I was intimidated by at first, but Stacy’s layout is beautiful and highlights my accomplishments in a way where brands can immediately see my strengths.

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About Stephanie

Stephanie is a full time traveler and blogger specialising in history travel. You can check out her blog at History Fangirl, or connect with her on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. Her new site Sofia Adventures, is due to launch later this year.

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