It can be hard to even know where to start with branding your business. If you’re stuck trying to figure it all out, this post will help give you an idea of the basics of how to create a strong brand identity.

Know Who You Are

You can’t start branding your business without first knowing who you are. Or more specifically, what your brand values are.

Your brand values are the foundations of your brand. They are what everything else will be built upon. The way your brand looks is just a way of communicating those values to your target market.

So you need to know what they actually are.

Don’t rush this. This is by far the most important part of the branding process.

Use this as an opportunity to really examine your business. Think about WHO you are, WHAT you do, HOW you do it and WHY you do it.

What unique value do you give to your customers that no one else can and how do you want to be perceived by them?

Know your audience

This is often the most difficult part for business owners to get to grips with. Figuring out who your target market actually is.

“But my target market is other business owners!”

Unfortunately, that’s just not specific enough.

Whilst you don’t have to narrow down to a crazy small niche (although the more targeted you can be the better), you do need to have an idea of the specifics of your target market.

Unless you have a strong grip on exactly who your target market is, you’re not going to be able to create a strong brand that appeals to them and makes them desperate to work with you.

You should be thinking about who your audience are, what they do for a living, how old they are, where they live and what they are interested in. Your brand needs to appeal directly to these people.

Develop a Strong Visual Identity

Once you know who you are and who your target audience is its time to bring everything together and create the visuals of your new brand.

By visuals I mean everything from your logo, to your colour scheme and the images and graphics you use on your website.

This is the fun part!

Your visual identity needs to communicate who you are and what you are all about to your target market in a way that will appeal to them.

So you need to keep in mind your brand values and target market when making any decisions about how your brand should look.

For example, if you’re a modern, edgy company who is targeting strong 20-something women, you won’t use romantic, whimsical brand elements. You’ll use bold, bright colours and crisp, modern fonts.

Try to think about everything to the smallest detail. Every single visual thing you present about your business should be on brand. That means any image, any piece of text and even your emails should include your brand colours and elements.

Develop your brand voice

In order to really appeal to your market you need to speak to them in a way that resonates with them. If you are selling products and services to 20-something females then they are not going to relate to a website full of long, formal copy.

Your brand voice needs to be in line with the rest of your brand identity. And again, you need to use it consistently everywhere. This means in all of your copy, your blog posts, your emails to potential clients and your social media posts.

Amaze Your Customers

A strong brand identity is all about getting people talking about you…in a positive way of course.

You want your customers to finish working with you only to go and rave about how brilliant you are to all their friends.

So make sure that you are providing AMAZING service and value every step of the way so that they have nothing but praise to say about you.

Stay Consistent

And finally, make sure you stay consistent.

There are so many different ways a potential client can come into contact with your business. Your website, social media, email newsletters, referrals from friends.

You need to make sure that your branding is consistent at every single point someone could come into contact with you in order to remain memorable to them.

This means sticking to your brand values, using the same brand voice in everything you do, sticking to your visual branding providing kickass customer service.