Most people understand the power of social media and online marketing for growing their business. But despite this, a lot of people still have very little understanding of how a well designed website can work for them and help them to get more clients and make more sales.

Here are 3 ways good website design can help you do that.

Guide Clients Through a Sales Process

Good website design isn’t just about making everything look pretty. Its about organising and laying out your website in such a way as to generate more sales.

Think of it as a 24 hour sales person working on your behalf.

A well designed website will guide your visitors through a series of steps, from first landing on your site to a point where they are ready to hire you or buy your products.

This means thinking strategically about what your website visitors need to see in order to make that decision and making it easy for them to navigate their way through.

First Impressions Count

Did you know that most people decide whether or not they want to stay on a website within the first 8 seconds?

That means you have a very limited window within which to make a great first impression. And if you want people to buy from you then you need to keep them on your website.

Let’s imagine that you are a small business looking to hire a social media marketing manager. You come across two websites, both of which appear to suit your requirements.


You click onto the first website to find that its cluttered and poorly laid out. There are different fonts and colours everywhere, broken links, poor quality images and you can’t navigate it easily.

Your immediate thoughts?

That this person looks like an amateur and you don’t really trust in their abilities to help your business. You probably leave the site straight away without even bothering to look at their services.


The second site you visit is the complete opposite. Its well laid out. The design is clean, simple and slick. You can find your way around it easily and know exactly what service they are offering as soon as you click onto it.

You immediately know that this person is serious about their business and feel much more confident about hiring them.

Maybe the person behind website #1 was actually more qualified and better at what they do, but it doesn’t matter because you lost confidence in them with that initial first impression.

Take a look at the two website examples below. Both websites belong to well-known authors, both of whom have published a successful series of books. If you knew nothing else about them, who would you be more inclined to buy from? What is your first impression of each? Would you feel more confident in the quality of the first person or the second?

Suzanne Collins Website
JK Rowling Website

Distinguishes You From Your Competitors

Its no longer enough to simply be great at what you do and expect the clients to come pouring in.

These days there are tens, hundreds, maybe even thousands of people all doing the same thing as you and the internet makes finding them much more accessible.

You have to stand out.

If someone is looking to hire someone to help with their business and they’re browsing through different websites, they’re much more likely to buy from the person whose website is completely on-brand and oozing with personality than the person whose site is a bit lacklustre.